About Flying Through Space



Reality is crazier than any movie.

It is a phrase I truly believe.

In my short time on this earth I’ve had many realizations and awakenings. Countless hours in meditation, contemplation, and life experiences have allowed me to view the world and life in very different ways.

The purpose of this site is simple. To advance the knowledge of important ideas and information. People can sometimes be overwhelmed with the amount of news that is available or not be aware of important news that is happening.

The Flying Through Space Podcast will allow me to share this information with you. Some topics have been world news, psychedelics, politics, drug laws, skeptical thinking, science, space, alternative views on life, and other interesting information that will enhance your life. Easy to follow, informative and entertaining.

Also on the site are videos that I have found enlightening or funny, blogs about whatever I feel, and my twitter feed. Best way to follow updates on my site are through my twitter@RohitMohindra  and FB Page and to check it often.

It will make you laugh, think, and it may even offend you. But it will be the truth. Perfect for downloading and listening on your daily commute or while performing mundane tasks at your desk.

By listening to these podcasts I hope you will find the experience of life as wondrous and as puzzling as I do.

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